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Original Fine Art 
CBS Sunday Morning Sun
Third Eye Sun
" Your sun art is gorgeous for our broadcast" 
- J. Frank Associate Director
 CBS News Sunday Morning show
"Your artwork is deliciously wonderful, I love your stuff"
 - Steven Tyler
Testimonial Videos Steven Tyler
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Copyright © 1999-2017 Artist Giuliana Falco - Making Fine Art Affordable. All Rights Reserved

See this unique sun painting shining often on the famous CBS Sunday Morning Show. Designed and created by hand with stylus on tablet, each piece is authentic digital fine art on canvas/archival paper; signed by the artist. Now a collectors item enjoyed in the homes of beloved fans nationwide, it is also archived on permanent display at the CBS Sun Art Gallery in NYC, for added viewing pleasure.
Decorative, whimsical and delightful flowers dance around a jovial sun in this charming pictorial, hand painted with stylus on tablet; authentic digital fine art on canvas. Signed by the artist  
Mystical sun on double canvas; unique and intriguing symbol of the ancient past and ancient future made to inspire creativity, abundance and bliss. Hand painted with stylus on table. Fine art double canvas, signed by the artist.   
Size 6x18 
Special $74. 
Size 18x24
canvas $249.00
Size 18x24 
paper $129.
special: $79.00
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" The sun painting looks perfect in my sun room, I love it so much. Thank You!" 
- Jeannete Rehham 
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Size 16x16
Special $59.00
Celestial Butterfly Bliss
Celestial butterflies radiate from the central bronze sun, with blue moons and golden stars swirling in a heavenly dreamscape. Attract abundance, believe in your starlit soul and the attainment of infinite possibilities. Hand painted with stylus and tablet; authentic digital fine art on archival paper; signed by the artist.
Size 18x24
special $99.00
Size 12x16
special $59.
Inspiring sun art on gallery wrapped canvases. Intimate and delightful size 8x8 enlivens those little empty wall spaces in home decor.

BOGO. Buy one get one free today. Keep both together for a harmonious display of beauty and bliss, or warm the heart of a friend by gift- giving. Collectors items, signed by the artist.
Size 16x16 
special $59.00
Violet Night; Blue Moons; Sun
Blue moons and opalescent stars gently fade in violet light as the warm sun breaks into the expanse of dawn. Beautiful and mystical, hand painted with a stylus on tablet; authentic digital fine art on archival paper; signed by the artist.
Buy one get one free today! $54.99 with free shipping
Golden Sun
Celestial Butterflies
fine art print
size 16x16
 special $59.00
Golden Timeless Sun
Classic image of a golden sun, detailed with countless stars, this is a true beauty! The sun is a symbol of strength, vitality, and abundance. Made to enhance your living spaces with radiant charm that inspires pure joy! Hand painted with stylus and tablet; authentic digital painting on archival paper or gallery wrapped cotton canvas; signed by the artist.
Gallery wrapped canvas
size 16x16
special $149.99