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" your artwork is deliciously wonderful... I love your stuff"
-Steven Tyler

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Original paintings on canvas signed by award-winning artist, Giuliana Francesca Falco. Created by hand, heart and soul for the healing pleasure of humanity, this holistic artwork renders the unity of mankind in both origin and destiny. Universal love, consciousness, peace and joy is reflected into your energy field and your divine self from each sacred work of art. Namaste!
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Original Fine Art 
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 original fine art 
Visual Meditation Art 
proven to be the most effective form of meditation for 
restoring peace, love, laughter and bliss within you
Today's work of art is an acrylic on canvas painting on two separate panels that create the whole. The title of this piece is, "Sacred Heart Of Unspeakable Love".  The two canvases split in the center by a soft white edge that represents divine light. The symbolic meaning of this special painting is as such: The divide in the canvases reflects our hearts that split from unspeakable love, and in that sacred space in the center of our hearts, we find compassion, we find heavenly, angelic light and infinite feelings of pure love that is immeasurable. The split in the canvas also represents the breaking of human constructs to allow divine light in. When we break free from subconscious thoughts, ego and constructs, we realize in the gap that we are pure love and light. We are souls that have a body- not bodies that have a soul. We are spirit. We are timeless. We are love eternal. Namaste!
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Diptych total size 11x28 (acrylic on cotton canvas with velcro system included and ready to hang). $245.00
"Sacred Heart Of Unspeakable Love"
The Tribal Sacred Heart painting is on two separate panels creating one. The symbolic meaning of this special piece is as such: from the expanse of nothingness in the void between the two wings at the center of the heart renders all of life, colors, love and divine energy. Emanating out ward reflecting the ancient future, the origin and destiny of the universe with all of its music and tribal rhythms of light, sound, color, peace. love and heavenly bliss. Namaste.
"Tribal Sacred Heart"
Diptych total size 11x28 (acrylic on cotton canvas with velcro system included and ready to hang). $245.00
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"Tribal Sacred Heart"
"Sacred Heart Of Unspeakable Love"
Sold to Rekha in Singapore. Namaste!