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Bear Claw Seashell on Clearwater Beach
Donation paintings for CJD Foundation Research  
Original paintings on canvas. 
Professionally Framed. 
Signed by the artist.  

Net proceeds to CJD Foundation. 

size14x17 framed   $549.00

size 10X12 framed  $329.00
"Like a bear claw seashell on the beach, the cure for CJD can be found - we just have to look for it!" - Artist Giuliana
You will receive a tax letter from the CJD Foundation for your donation.
Net proceeds of your purchase is a tax deductible donation.
Robert spent a lifetime on Clearwater Beach with his beloved family and friends. He never let anyone leave the beach until we found a bear claw seashell first! Those were happy times. Sadly, Robert died last year from a rare and sudden brain disease called CJD. It is a fatal illness affecting 300 Americans a year. Now, I am actively painting to help fund research for a cure, and I symbolically put a bear claw seashell into every painting, since it was Robert's favorite. I know the cure for CJD can be found, because it is like the special seashell- we just have to look for it! Your purchase of a beach painting today will make the search possible. Thank You! 
Artist Statement
I lived on Clearwater Beach. I loved on Clearwater Beach. I laughed on Clearwater Beach. I lost on Clearwater Beach. My heart is full. I lived, loved, laughed with my friends- one of whom I lost. Now I am dedicating paintings to that friend. His name is Robert E. Dodd. 
"November 12 is International CJD Awareness Day. They call it a one in a million disease. Much is unknown about why and how it happens and because the disease moves so rapidly many go undiagnosed. 
As of now, there is no cure, no prevention, it is 100% fatal. It destroys the brain in a fast and unforgiving way that leaves loved ones feeling completely hopeless. Please help us bring awareness to this disease and post this on your wall. My dad was truly one in a million".
From daughter, Claire:
 Size 10x12
 Size 14x17
You can now acquire a stunning and radiant beach painting that is worth more than ever imagined. These original paintings of Clearwater Beach are beautiful, lively and breathtaking, because they are created with genuine love. Love for the beach, love for my friend and love for humanity... And this is how the story goes: 
Artist Giuliana: Curator/Art Donor for the following non-profit organizations:
City Year 
Education for poverty communities
meet Klondike- the dog who loves the artist!
Learn about this special foundation dear to my  family and my heart- helping young addicts in recovery.
The cup that I use for my paint water says, Scotch for Robert, which was used to make toasts celebrating his life during his sunset funeral on Clearwater Beach. June 05, 2015.